Can I say what I want in my box each week?
No, the box is a surprise each week which means we are able to offer the freshest and tastiest produce available on the day. You are able to specify up to two produce types which you don't want or like. We aim to mix the weekly box contents up as much as possible so you don't get bored and we focus on sourcing local and UK produce as much as possible.
What is the difference between the box sizes?
The large vegetable box includes 10 different types of vegetables and the large fruit and vegetable box includes 7 different types of vegetables and 3 different types of fruit
The small vegetable box includes 7 different types of vegetables and the small fruit and vegetable box includes 5 different types of vegetables and 2 different types of fruit
Sample vegetable box: carrots, vine tomatoes, aubergine, courgettes, British asparagus, runner beans, sweet potatoes, watercress and butternut squash
Sample fruit & vegetable box: apples, bananas, flat peaches, onions, carrots, courgettes, British asparagus, sweet potatoes, aubergine and runner beans
Can I recycle my box?
Yes, as a repeat customer you can recycle your box to us. You can receive £1 off your box each week by just leaving your box out for us to pick up on your next delivery. You are welcome to break the boxes down (please cut along the tape!) to reduce their storage size. We will share the recycling discount code with you when you order your first box.
How does the subscription service work?
We now offer Lucy May's boxes as an optional subscription service. This means you can choose to receive a box every week, every other week or once a month. This will be on a rolling basis from when you order. You can make amendments to your subscription including skipping weeks - for example when you're going to be away. 
What are the benefits of the subscription service?
The subscription service offers a 10% discount on the price of the fruit & vegetable boxes and is a great way to ensure you don't miss the order deadline each week! 
Can I use my recycle discount in conjunction with the subscription service?
As a subscriber, you are agreeing to also recycle your box (unless you specify otherwise that you do not wish to recycle your box), so you unfortunately cannot use your recycle code on top of the subscription discount.
I want to order a box for a friend. How do I do this?
That's great news! Please just order two boxes at the same time and then email us at lucy@lucymays.com to let us know your friend's name, address, preferences and any note you would like included. Alternatively, you can order the boxes separately & just send us a note to say it's a gift.
How do I order add-ons each week as a subscriber?
You need to order any extras as normal each week before our order deadline. Please just put through an order of just extras - e.g. pastries and coffee. You can also subscribe to a box plus add ons such as bread, coffee, muesli or pastries on a regular basis.
When is your order deadline?
Every Thursday at 2pm
Any Questions?
email us at lucy@lucymays.com